Introduction, November 1993


“Where is it Written” is a brief compilation of memories and thoughts associated with the New York (world) premiere of ‘Yentl’, the film by Barbra Streisand.  I will attempt to recreate some happy moments from 1983, a time in our lives that was so special for so many of us.  Although I hope to preserve my memories with this project and entertain you, it should also serve as the final closing of a chapter in my life that began twenty years ago.

This is dedicated to Michael Mayer, Jeffrey Rindler, Alex Hampsas and John Hanrahan.  During ‘Yentl’ these friends were not only there with me but for me.  To Denise, who listened even thought I didn’t know how to talk.  For Mark, who proved to me you can learn something new every day.

To my friends who do not appear on these pages – the story is not yet finished.  It took me ten years to finally get the message from ‘Yentl’, so better late than never.

And to “D.D.L” who put the pen in my hand and told me to start writing.

Joe Naughton

November 10, 1993

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